Recovering BSNL DATAONE Password from Modem or Router


To find out the password stored in the ADSL Modem(HUAWEI) in case you have forgotten it.

Pre requisites

FireFox browser :- getfirefox.com

A BroadBand Connection which uses a ADSL Modem(HUAWEI) to connect to the internet.IP Address of your modem.IN MOST CASES IT is

If that does not work, connect to the internet and go to whatismyip.com and find your ip address(which will work only when connected to internet as it is a temporary and dynamic ip)

Method 1-The Simplest of all

Go to

Enter admin for both username and password prompt

Go to the WAN Page or the Connection page where the title will be similar to WAN Configurations

Click on the note icon next to green arrow marked as Default Route for some PVC Number.

Most probably it is PVC 0.It will generally be a pppoe connection.

PPPOE properties windows opens where you can see the username.The password will be hidden under asterisks. Now select the text Password and the entire row and right click on it.Choose View Selection source.Click on the following image to see the screenshot in detail.

Click on View Selection Source

In the windows that opens you will see something like this.

<input class=”password” name=”EmWeb_ns:vim:3.ImServices.ppp-0.1:weLoginPassword” value=”bsnlpass123″ size=”30″ maxlength=”128″ type=”password”>

The text after weLoginPasswordvalue= gives you the password.In this case it is bsnlpass123

Method 2- Kinda Simple



Login:- admin

Password :- admin

Enter the following command

pppoe show transport 1

Look for the field Dialout Password.

You can view your password there.

There is one more very complicated way of finding your password.

Check this link for that.

[HowTo] Restore your lost broadband password ..



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