JetFlash Online Recovery – Repair your Transcend USB Drives for free

JetFlash Online recovery is a USB Tool Developed by Transcend to repair the JetFlash USB Drives .These USB Drives use the Alcor Chip and the JetFlash Online Recovery is basically a wrapper for the AlcorMP Mass Production tool.This tool requires a internet connection and can fix bad sectors and other formatting errors.It also fixes any damage  caused by AlcorMP Mass Production Tool .So if you have changed your JetFlash USB Drive to a fixed drive or if you have created a virtual CD-ROM partition using AlcorMP Mass Production Tool ,then JetFlash Online recovery can bring back your USB Drive to its original state i.e, without CD-ROM Partition etc.

Download from http://www.transcendusa.com/products/online_recovery.asp


JetFlash Online Recovery is advanced new software specifically developed for Transcend’s JetFlash USB flash drives. It repairs your flash drives immediately through simple and user friendly interface. With such effective, safe and reliable solution, it can save your precious time and money bringing your product for traditional RMA service. Wherever you travel, Transcend JetFlash Online Recovery services you 24/7 on the internet.

* Hardware Requirements : USB port (supports USB2.0),Internet connection * System Requirements : Windows® XP SP2/ 2000 SP4 (Administrator rights required)


  1. Connect your JetFlash USB to Computer with internet Connection
  2. Select the capacity of your USB Drive.JetFlash Select Size
  3. The tool checks your USB and connects to the internet.If you had selected a wrong capacity in the previous step,then you will get an error here.Jetflash Connect
  4. Choose Repair drive & erase all data and click on Start.The other option Repair drive & keep existing data does not fix all problems.JetFlash Options
  5. Your USB drive will be formatted.This formatting is different from the Format option available in Windows as this tool uses the Alcor Mass Production Tool to format your USB Drive.In this process the Alcor Chip in your USB Drive is reconfigured.This process may take some time.JetFlash Format
  6. When the format is complete, please press “Exit,” then unplug the your USB Drive and plug it back in to your computer.

Note:This tool creates a Temporary folder at %temp%RarSFX0\OnLineRecovery.Here you can find the tools that were actually used to format and repair your USB Drive.

Update:  For those are unable to repair their Flash Drive, the tools available at http://www.usbdev.ru/files/alcor/ maybe useful.(The webpage is in Russian.You can use Google translate to navigate through the webpage)

This webpage contains a huge number tools related to USB Drives with the Alcor Microcontroller. You can scroll down in the link and try your luck with other recovery tools for Alcor. It also contains all the versions of JetFlash Online Recovery Tool.



About the Author: Bharat Balegere

Bharat Balegere is a 27 year old blogger from Bengaluru. He is a technology enthusiast and loves tinkering with computers and usb drives.

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  • Thanks. Very useful

  • Bravo …Am incercat multe programe sa imi formatez usb-ul …Si cu asta am reusit .,,,THnx Uploader


  • My flash drive 8gb has serious problems but using the online recovery it is corrected . Thank you

  • USB Device ID: VID = 8564 PID = 1000

  • i have 4 gb capless pendrive , when m trying to copy data display error disk is write protected,

    how can i repair my pen drive.i have win 7 os.

    i have very important data in it kindly give urgent suggestions

  • thanks very much…;)

  • Thank you very much! this helps me lot. Before this i throught my pendrive never repairs and used some many tools to recover my pen drive. Using this tool, i recovered my device. After recovering the device, again i m facing d same problem wen d internet is disconnected. Again it is showing the same message “The write protect” while copying or deleting the files in the device. Please tell d permanent fix.


    • Please check that you have downloaded the correct version for your pendrive bcoz this software is unique for each type.

  • I have a 8gb transcend pendrive.It is write protected. when I try to format it using jet online recovery and enter the capacity of my usb drive,it says the pendrive is not supported.What to do??

  • thanks a lot!after one month of struggle i was able to format my write protected usb drive. I almost gave up but thanks to jet online recovery!

  • Wooooooooow. Amazing.
    Thank you so much………….

  • Muchas Gracias! ((:

  • I have jetflash 4gb transecond. but not copy to another files.

  • Cool it is working ……………..thankssssss

  • I have a 8gb transcend pendrive.. when I try to format it using jet online recovery and enter the capacity of my usb drive,it says the pendrive is not supported.What to do??

  • I accidentally delete my removal disk how do i fix this
    This device cannot start. (Code 10)

  • i have 4 gb transcend pendrive when i use online recovery tool it is showing error
    “cannot connect to the transcend server”
    pls help me….

  • Thanks for the help. Successfully i have removed Wright protection error from 4GB pendrive.

  • Thanks for the help. Successfully i have removed Write protection error from 4GB pendrive.

  • BRAVO!!!! This works. I was facing so much problem due to WRITE PROTECTION virus. Thanks alot. Adding this tool in my must have TOOL KIT.

  • My Pen drive was not formatable … Thanks to all who developed this software.

  • Transcend links above are no longer good.

  • i have transcend JF V30 32 GB but this software does not work PLZZZZZZ HELP

  • no fond my flash

  • Good day. I already tried the Jetflash 500 16 gb recovery tool but it didn’t work. It didn’t recognize my flashdrive but it was recognizable on my computer. Thanks.

  • how to download this software

  • me too, my transcend 16gb jetflash 500. wont format cause of write protect. above instruction and apps wont work on my flash drive :(

  • hi, not working, say: cannot connect to the transcend server!!!

  • my pen drive write protected, but jet flash not show my pen drive.How can i solve it.Please helpme.

  • Thank you very much

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