Easily Modify Boot Sectors with Bootice!

Bootsect.exe, syslinux.exe are some of the most commonly used boot sector tools.These command line tools are used to modify/install a particular boot sector to the Master Boot Record(MBR) or Partition Boot Record(PBR).In this case bootsect.exe installs the Windows boot sector and syslinux.exe installs the syslinux boot sector.If you want a different boot sector, then you must find the corresponding tool to do the job.This can be irritating as you have to first find the correct tool and then learn the correct usage of the command line tool.

Bootice is a small tool or utility which can modify/backup/restore the Master Boot Record(MBR), Partition Boot Record(PBR) of your Disk.It has both Graphical User Interface and Command Line Interface.It is an all in one tool and supports many boot managers.This tool was developed by Pauly.
Currently, it supports the following popular boot records

Features of Bootice

  • Modify/Install/Backup Master Boot Record(MBR)
  • Modify/Install/Backup Partition Boot Record(PBR)
  • Rename boot files.Eg. ntldr as smldr,grldr as ggldr
  • Partition Management-Format,Change ID,Make (in)Active,(un)Hide, Backup and Restore Partition TablePartition Management in Bootice
  • Sector View
  • Support for Disk Images,not just Physical Disks
  • View/Edit BCD for Windows Vista/7
  • Grub4dos Menu Editor

It is completely portable and does not require any installation.I use this tool a lot for making my USB Disks bootable.I have used this tool in

Download Bootice

    1. http://www.ipauly.com/2015/11/15/bootice/
    2. http://reboot.pro/topic/8986-bootice-a-boot-sector-manipulation-utility-v078-released/

Currently this tool works only in Windows.Hope Pauly also makes a Linux version of Bootice.



About the Author: Bharat Balegere

Bharat Balegere is a 27 year old blogger from Bengaluru. He is a technology enthusiast and loves tinkering with computers and usb drives.

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  • usb not listed in the bootice menu

  • Hello Jain,
    Did you find solution. I have got a same (not listed in the bootice menu). I tried everything but I didn’t succeed.


  • Try running Bootice as Administrator.

  • usb is not listed in bootice menu even after running bootice as administrator

  • WE Can not download it?

  • After open BOOTICE, No USB disk in the list (only show the SSD).

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