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Test Bootable ISO and Live CD/DVD without restarting you Computer

You can easily test bootable iso without burning it to a CD and without restarting your computer using MobaLiveCD or Sun Virtual Box.
You can also test bootable CD/DVD in VirtualBox without restarting your computer.


Install Windows 7 to a VHD and boot from it!

With Windows 7, you now have the option to boot the OS from a VHD, a virtual disk file, instead of a partition. This way, you don’t have to reconfigure your hard drive partitions.
This feature is similar to Ubuntu’s Wubi installer which uses a similar concept to avoid reconfiguring hard drive partitions.
Basically, instead of installing windows 7 to your physical HDD by getting rid of Vista or even dual booting off another partition, you can install to a virtual HDD (in VHD format), and boot off the VHD so you actually get the hardware functionality to play with!!


Install Windows 7 directly from hard disk without using any Secondary Medium

Direct Download links to Windows 7 have been leaked.One way of installing Windows 7 is by burning the downloaded iso to a DVD.I found a way of installing Windows 7 directly from the hard disk by extracting the contents of the downloaded iso file.So you don’t have to waste a DVD to install Windows 7.You can install it directly from the hard disk by extracting the contents of the downloaded iso file.


AgniPulse is back with a new server

I had my exams last month.So i could not post any new articles. The overwhelming repsonse to my previous post prompted me to change to a new server with increased bandwidth. More than 100 people have commented on this post.Most of them disagree with my views.However I still still stick to my opnion.If ubuntu developers implement atleast 3 or 4 sugestions mentioned in my post,then it will be extremely easy to spread Ubuntu.There are other […]


Integrate Visually Enhanced System Files into XP Source to Improve GUI

Many people like to install and use Vista Transformation pack and other GUI enhancers to improve the their Graphical User Interface.These packs have to be installed manually after installation XP.
However there is a tool which can directly integrate visually enhanced files in to the XP Installation Source.So , when you install XP you will directly be presented the improved and enhanced GUI.Your XP installation screens will also be visually enhanced.