The smallest All in one .Net Framework Installer

Recently I was creating an unattended XP installation disc.I wanted include .Net Framework as it is very important and very essential to run many application.Since there are many versions of .Net Framework available ,it is very difficult to download and install each of them seperately.Some applications require .Net Framework 2.0 while some others require .Net Framework 3.0 or 3.5.If you want each and every program to run without any hiccups,then you must install all the .Net Frameworks from version 2.0 and above.Each version comes with its own collection of service packs and hotfixes.

Microsoft has released .Net Framework 3.5SP1.This is a AIO installer and it includes all the previous .net Frameworks.

I was happy that one single installer can install all the necessary .net Frameworks.

I downloaded the installer from here

To my surpriseĀ  it was a 231mb download and my happiness was short-lived.I had only about 100 mb left on my unattended XP installation disc and I wanted to include all the .net Frameworks within 100 mb.

This 231 mb download contains a lot of extra stuff like support for x64 and Vista etc.Since I was installing it on a x86 XP system I did not need all the extra stuff.

Instead I downloaded this 33.6 mb silent .Net Framework Installer.I found while browsing RyanVM ‘s forum

This silent installer is meant for Windows XP and installs all the required Frameworks.It also contains supression fix for those that do not have Firefox installed.

What this silent installer includes

dotNet Framework 2.0 SP2 + KB958481 + KB974417
dotNet Framework 3.0 SP2 + KB958483
dotNet Framework 3.5 SP1 + KB953595 + KB958484 + KB963707

Vista Users require only .Net Framework 3.5 as earlier frameworks are included by default.

You can download .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (61mb) from here

If you want to know how create small and silent All in one .Net Framework read the following guides

Simple Guide – Wincert Forums

Complex Guide – Msfn Forums Silent.Net Maker



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