Automatically Install Drivers 2

Question 1:How does an average person (System Admin) install drivers?
Answer:He manually installs each and every missing drivers using wither the respective product CD’s or he downloads the drivers from the respective manufacturer’s site.

Question 2:How does a Geek (System Admin) install drivers?
Answer:He just plugs in a USB drive and all missing drivers are automatically installed and old drivers are updated.

How do you do that?

Its simple.We download the required driverpacks and use an installer to automatically install it.

Using Compressed Drivers (7z format)
Create a folder Drvpk in your USB Drive
Download whichever driverpacks you want from to Drvpk in your USB DRIVE.The driverpacks are compressed using the 7z format.So the downloaded driverpacks have the extension .7z
Download this zip file and extract its contents to the Drvpk folder in your USB Drive.
This zip file contains tthree files – install.cmd , DPinstall.7z and 7za.exe

Using Uncompressed Drivers
You can also use uncompressed drivers.Extract the Driverpacks to the Drvpk folder on your usb drive.
After extracting the drivers a folder D is created inside Drvpk.This folder contains the uncompressed drivers.

Installing the Drivers
Plug in the usb driver on any computer.
Go to Drvpk and execute install.cmd
It extracts DPinstall.7z and compressed Driverpacks (if it exist).Then it installs the extracted drivers and the uncompressed driver(if it exists)

Advantages of this method
It can work with either compressed driverpacks or uncompressed driverpacks or both simultaneously
Then all missing drivers are installed and others driver are updated.

Note:Do not change the name of Drvpk or the install.cmd will not work.




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