Burn DAA images by converting them to ISO

DAA is a compressed image format developed by PowerISO.
Many CD/DVD images are available in this format.
More details here Wikipedia

To burn DAA image files you need either PowerISO or Gburner both of which are commercial software.
Alternatively you can convert it to iso images and then use Nero to burn it or Daemon Tools to mount it as a Virtual Drive

In windows, to convert DAA images to ISO iamges you can either use PowerISO(Commercial Software) or use DAA2ISO(by  Luigi Auriemma)
Download DAA2ISO from here

Extract the contents of the zip file and run daa2iso.exe.
Then choose the input DAA file you want to convert and the name of the ISO file you want to convert it to.

In Linux you can use Poweriso command line version (freeware) to convert daa to iso.
Download poweriso for linux here
Extract the contents of the tar.gz archive to your home directory.
To convert a DAA image file to ISO image file ,go to Terminal or Bash Prompt.
Execute the following command

/home/yourusername/./poweriso convert /home/username/test.daa -o /home/username test.iso -ot iso

Where test.daa is the DAA Image file you want to convert and test.iso is the target ISO file.

Alternatively you can use Acetone ISO to convert daa to iso.
Download Acetone ISO here

In Ubuntu install Kommander and p7zip by sudo apt-get install kommander p7zip (in terminal)
Then install the deb package you downloaded from

You can also use Ultamatix to install AcetoneISO.



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