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iLikeToBlog is a free wordpress plugin and link exchange service that helps you to easily build up quality organic backlinks on your blog.Dave of http://davesweblog.com started this service.

A struggle for many new bloggers is building up partnerships with other bloggers and getting quality backlinks for their blog. iLikeToBlog (ILTB) helps bloggers overcome these difficulties by providing them with a fast and easy to use interface for finding new bloggers to easily exchange links with. What’s great is that you can find blogs that have related content, which is something the major search engines love ;).

Building up strong partnerships with other bloggers will also help to improve the volume of your traffic and subscribers because your site will be getting more exposure across others. Think of it as a dose of exposure, page rank juice and traffic rolled into one easy to use service.

iLikeToBlog is one of the best places to get quality backlinks for your WordPress Blog.

How it works

Sign up atĀ  iLikeToBlog.com and give your blogĀ  details like Name,URL,Description and tags.Once you complete this process,your blog will be sent for verification.After your blog has been verified you will get a unique key and a wordpress plugin.

Install the plugin and go to Settings-iLikeToBlog in your Admin Panel.Enter the unique key.

Now go to Appearance-Widgets and add the iLikeToBlog widget.Now you wordpress blog is set up to use the iLikeToBlog link echange service.

Login at iLikeToBlog.com with your user id and password and go to the main page.You can see a list of blogs using the iLikeToBlog service.To exchange links with any of them Click on Request Exchange.Once the owner of that blog accepts your request,links are automatically added to the iLikeToBlog Widget in both the blogs.

Your site will show up in his blog and his site will show up in your blog.You can easily go on building links in this manner.

You can always cancel an exchange by simply clicking on the Cancel Request button and theLinks are automatically removed.

I recommend all WordPress users to use this service from iLikeToBlog.com.

The links widget on the right hand side of this page is the iLikeToBlog widget.

More information about this service :- http://iliketoblog.com/about




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