Kaspersky Rescue Disk Updater

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Updater is a Windows Command Script or a batch file which uses KLUpdater to update the virus definitions of the Rescue Disk ISO.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 can scan and remove viruses without booting into windows.The main disadvantage of Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 is that it is not updated regularly.

Even when it is updated there is no option to update your existing iso with the changes.You will have to download the entire iso. So if you don’t download the rescue disk regularly, the virus definitions become out of date.

Even though the rescue disk has an option to update the virus definitions from the internet, it is not very useful as the updates are saved only on that particular computer.If you use it on another computer then you will have to download all the updates again.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Updater fixes the above problems by updating your existing Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO with the latest virus definitions from the Kaspersky Servers.This helps in keeping your recue disk up date without having to download a lot of files, saving a lot of time and bandwidth.

Changes in the latest version

  • Supports updates from Local Kaspersky Folder if you have any Kaspersky Product Installed.
  • Newer version of KLUpdater.Supports downloading of diff.Saves lot of bandwidth.
  • Removed pauses in script
  • Fixed creation of iso
  • Two iso files are generated, rescue.iso and rescueusb.iso.This can be used to boot from USB Drives
  • Moved project to

Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk Updater

Updating the Kasperksy Rescue Disk

  1. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk from
  2. Download the Updater as a zip from and extract it to directory of your choice.
  3. Rename kav_rescue_10.iso as rescue.iso and copy it to the above directory
  4. Run diskupdt.bat
  5. After the update is done you will see two files -> rescue.iso and rescueusb.iso
  6. You can either burn rescue.iso to a CD and use it or you can boot it from a USB Drive

Booting the rescue disk from a USB Drive.

You can use the official tool to make your USB Drive bootable with Kasperksy Rescue Disk at

Or you can manually make your USB Drive Bootable.

  1. Format and install grub4dos on your USB Drive using a tool like RMPrepUSB
  2. Create a folder called rescue and copy rescue.iso and rescueusb.iso into that folder
  3. Copy liveusb and menu.lst to the root of your USB Drive.
  4. You can now boot the rescue disk from your USB Drive.

Please post your feedback and suggestions.



About the Author: Bharat Balegere

Bharat Balegere is a 27 year old blogger from Bengaluru. He is a technology enthusiast and loves tinkering with computers and usb drives.

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  • Pepi,

    My line 79 looks different than yours.

    I’ve copy/pasted my script:

    Hope this helps someone.

  • Yes it build ISO but with few warnings. hope those warring are irrelevant

  • Updated the tool.
    I have fixed the build iso errors and included the latest version of KLUpdater.Now the tool saves bandwidth by downloading diffs.

  • Great script!!! A HUGE time saver. Hope you’ll make an x64 version also (soon I’ll be moving to the x64 world).


  • nice work! thank you very much!!
    can i just extract the rescueusb.iso on my usb stick? and will it boot then?

  • i can’t update the latest kaspersky rescue disk using this utility…plz help!

  • Many thanks, man! … I finally found your useful tool to update my KRD as I couldn’t update it before and I don’t know why until now??!!.. but its OK now because of u. please keep going providing more of these useful tools.

  • I use windows 7 x64. i cant find anything like diskupdt in the zip folder. What should i do now. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I need to specify the proxy settings to download the updates, otherwise the update process fails, how can I specify the proxy settings???

    • Inside the KLUpdater folder, there is a file called ss_storage.ini

      You can specify your proxy details in there.

  • hi, i’ve got the message “Bootsector Missing” .. can you help me?

  • This tool is great, thanks a lot

  • hi… help plz… on latest update after January 2012, my KRD 10 updater database always obsolete…

  • Hello,
    My KRD 10 updater database always obsolete, why?

  • me too…………. anyone? no respond?????

  • I found a solution. Firstly, you need to add KDB component to ss_storage.ini, because KDBI386 is not enough.

    A part of my config:


    Secondly, in diskupdt.bat find this line:

    copy .\KLUpdater\Updates\bases\av\kdb\i386\kdbi386.stt .\kavrescue\rescue\bases\stat\kdb.stt > nul

    and change it to:

    copy /y .\KLUpdater\Updates\bases\av\kdb\i386\kdb.stt .\kavrescue\rescue\bases\stat\kdb.stt > nul

    After these changes everything is fine.

  • Thank you Alexander Erofeev.
    I made the changes you suggested.

  • Great! it works fine. thanks

  • i use win7 x64 and kis2012

    and i have latest virus definition of kis 2012. on local disk

    can i update my recue virus definition without internet connection
    i just want update from local folder.

  • can anyone help please… database obsolete again this month with version new
    thank you

  • Internal file structure of the update mirror has changed again. File kdb.stt was moved to another folder. To solve this just insert new subfolder “old” in path below:

    copy /y .\KLUpdater\Updates\bases\av\kdb\i386\old\kdb.stt .\kavrescue\rescue\bases\stat\kdb.stt > nul

    But I guess it’s temporary solution because next change of internal file structure will coming soon…

    • thankyou alexander… keep in touch ^^ and thankyou 2 bharat for the update ^^

  • It don’t working on Kaspersky Rescue Disk

  • I updated the image today 4-27-2012 and it is still showing the database files are from 3-27-2012. This is for version of the kav_rescue_10.iso file.

    What information needs to be updated to make this great tool work again?

  • Why this tool is not working now?

  • Tool is working perfect. Just edit path to kdb.stt (see my post higher).

  • I can’t get on this…

    Can you re-upload which is working with under winxp

  • Just go here :

    Go to the Rescuedisk folder and download the ISO.
    It shows as2008 but is aways the latest version.
    Burn with whatever ISO burning tool you have (eg UltraISO,WinISO etc)

    • Hi Rod, i think, you arew wrong. Have a look on the Timestamp

  • The v10.0.31.4 iso that I downloaded, I got directly from Kaspersky at:

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Alexander Erofeev for your help. I guess I was lost and should have read earlier in your post on how to edit that file.

    Thanks again. Got this updater working again under v10.0.31.4.

  • For Step 2, I manually created “kasresupd” and moved the unzipped utility and sub-directories to that folder along with a copy of kav_rescue_10.iso. The process took about 20 minutes on an older laptop and produced two .ISO files, the larger of which I put on USB using Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker.

  • Hi,

    thanks for this wonderful tool, but i found a little cosmetic error.

    The updater won’t replace the kdb.stt in directory \kav\rescue\bases\Stat
    so itdisplays the time Stamp and database version from the original cd and not the updated one.

    i “burn” the cd onto a usb stick with yumi, so i can update it directly from the rescue menu. it will save autoamtically the curent info onto the usb stick.

    • This is an old bug. Kdb.stt located in .\KLUpdater\Updates\bases\av\kdb\i386\old\, so just edit one line in diskupdt.bat:

      copy /y .\KLUpdater\Updates\bases\av\kdb\i386\old\kdb.stt .\kavrescue\rescue\bases\stat\kdb.stt > nul

      Renaming files inside update mirror, or adding new folders with strange names (e.g. “old”) – this is all Kaspersky Lab joke.

  • Hmm, it wokred but it show me not the latest update in the kaspersky update menu, so how can i now i have the latest?

  • Nice utility but to save others my frustration, the above directions were incorrect. Firstly, upon extracting the files there is NO kasresupd folder. You must manually create it, then place the Kaspersky iso and all the expanded utility files inside this kasresupd folder. It will work then.

  • Hello,
    Why the updater doesn`t work?

  • I downloaded the file and unziped it to c:\kavRCD, then I copied the kav_rescue_10.iso to the same folder and then run the diskupdt.bat file in order to have the .iso file definitions updated, although the process seems to run without any problem the .iso file is never updated.

    .iso file versions I tried are: and none of them were updated, though the update process seemed to finish with no error.

    What’s wrong? Is there a new version available to fix this problem?
    did kav change the way to get the updates?


  • Thanks for the share will it work if we put the rescue in ntsf disk? will try later tks

    • Yes. it’s working on NTFS, just if you booting from iso…

    • Made a little changes of this updater… works for FAT and NTFS
      1. Flash drive must have grub4dos
      2. There should be:
      /rescue – empty folder
      /liveusb – zero file (just make liveusb.txt and delete .txt)
      3. Download the latest KAV (for now, put it in to rescue folder and rename it to rescue.iso
      4. Stick the latest version of updater in to rescue folder RUN it
      5. When all process is finished you will see 3! files in your rescue folder (Updater, rescue.iso, rescueusb.iso) entry:
      title Kaspersky LiveCD 10
      map (hd0,0)/rescue/rescueusb.iso (hd32) || map –mem (hd0,0)/rescue/rescueusb.iso (hd32)
      map –hook
      root (hd32)
      chainloader (hd32)
      7. Try to boot

      PS: Updater is viruses free, it’s just WINRAR selfextractor

  • Yes!, It is working again!!!

    The only wrong thing is that there is no version available anywhere, not even from current kaspersky official site nor other sites that states they have such version, the only available versions available (even from the website stated in the batchfile run when you execute the KAV_UPDATE_1.5.2.EXE when rescue.iso is missing in the same directory) is However it works with this version.

    Can any one confirm this?

    Thank you mronegin for updating the updater.

    P.S. However I remember I had version but cannot remember where I donwloaded it from. It should have been from official kaspersky site but if this was the case it is no longer available from there.

  • mronegin, although in the kaspersky website in the link you posted ( is stated that KAVRCD is version IT IS NOT!, After booting using such .iso file and go to the ABOUT dialog box you will see that the version is

    I can confirm this because since you posted the link I downloaded the .iso file daily (just to see if it magically changes its version =) ) but no luck until today. It remains V. in the ABOUT dialog box. The same for all those sites that claim to have, you’ll get too.

    However I’m certain that once I had because I checked the version in the about dialog box however I deleted/lost it and cannot remeber where I downloaded it from but I am almost sure that it was from somewhere in

    Best regards :)

    • Double checked my old ( KAV image and newly downloaded, both of them shows in about dialog! Try to download fresh one, overwrite the exist rescue.iso and boot without updating… if it shows that means you have some leftovers from older updates in your %temp% directory, clean it up before updating KAV

      • You can check the version in KRD.VERSION file located in the rescue folder in the iso image.
        In the latest iso image it is;

        • This is weird, the version shown in the KRD.VERSION file in the rescue folder is, BUT… I downloaded the .iso file from in a new computer that never before has been connected to nor have kaspersky antivirus installed (it is using free MSE) so it has no temporary files related to kaspersky in any way and burned it directly to a new cd media (without updating it), then I booted from the cd and… surprise! the version in the about dialog box (the one that pops up when you click in the KASPERSKY RESCUE DISK green area in the main window) is but as I mention at the begining the version in the KRD.VERSION file is in booteable CD in the rescue folder.

          The size of the iso file is: 263 MB (276,502,528 bytes)
          the size on disk of the iso file is: 263 MB (276,504,576 bytes)
          MD5: 5043618ef930620a062cb97203faf4df
          CRC32: bd906f42
          SHA1: e11c1eba2d65afdd8ced481ae5ed92820a98999d

          and I donwloaded it today 20121010 from the webpage at
          and the rescue disk download link points to

          • Man! You gonna make as crazy=) Can you show as screenshot where you clicking to get Whatever, if you getting the old version info that means just one, somebody forgot to change something in new build of KAV

          • I checked it on my computer. It correctly shows version as indicated in the KRD.VERSION file.
            Kaspersky Rescue Disk

            Can you try deleting the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 folder on your hard disk and then check the version of your rescue disk?

  • I have updated the github repository with changes to the code. It should now work with the version of the rescue disk.
    I have also included the menu.lst required to boot using grub4dos from a USB Drive.

  • I just downloaded the .iso file again, just few minutes ago, onto a formated and reinstalled computer with windows xp sp3 and booted from the kav_rescue_10.iso file but I got the same previous results: about dialog shows but \rescue\KRD_VERSION file shows, the checksums are the same I got prevously (this time I used a different program but checksums are the same)

    Although the filesize stated in the kaspersky website is 236 MB the size of downloaded file is 263 MB (276,502,528 bytes)

    Anyways, I think this issue is not so importat because the updater is the working fine with 10,0.31.0.

    P.S. You can see that at this time databases are obsolete (10/6/2012@11:24PM) I did not update the .iso file as you requested previously.

  • always stuck on this “Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempting to kill init!
    Pid: 1, com: int Not tainted 3.0.13-KRD10 #1”
    can someone help me T______T

  • Stupid question but why do you start with 1 ISO and make 2? Does it matter which one you make your USB stick with? Rescue.iso and rescueusb.iso? I am using the official utility. I don’t understand why it splits into two ISO files.

    • if you booting from one original iso, you need to keep it contiguous and check it every time you using updater… if this file gets fragmented it will take longer time to boot! So, when you using this small iso file you don’t need to worry about this anymore! Second iso file have all the information we need for the first step…

  • Ok this is weird. So frustrated. It would not run for me kept giving “./tools/mkisofs: Permission denied. Unable to open disc image file
    ERROR! Some problem occurred!” as an error.

    Yes I am running as administrator. Yes I renamed the file. I have no idea why it isn’t working.

    I do not have the iso file open in any programs. Rebooted my computer and ran the bat same error.

    I am trying to do a manual update of the original ISO from the website by putting the update files in a folder called update on the USB stick.

  • I have KRD, but I dont see if KRD version is present in kaspersky list updater
    , i try to update with Kaspersky Rescue Disk Updater, its fine, no error. but when i try to scan viruses in my friend notebook, i found the malfunction, error code 9ABE0003, my friend notebook infected viruses BootKitLocker.gen32.b.
    Any one help me? please.. and thanks before..

    • This updater does not work with the version you have, you need at least. I also have the versión you have and eventough the updater finishes without error the .iso IS NOT updated. You need to download the latest krd from kaspersky, (I know… I also liked more than the newer one because it had more languages but now it is worthless because it cannot be updated)

  • Hello.

    I have KRD version, but I have some error 9ABE0003. When I try viruses scanning. How can I fix it? ))

    Best regards!

    • if you are connected behind a router just update clicking my update center in kaspersky rescue disk(using an old version of krs don’t know which still 10 but don’t know exactly which 10.xx) and after update it’s working to scan.tested by me when i receive error code 9abe0003 to scan and virus base obsolete.

  • to Bharat Balegere.

    hi. i have used the Kaspersky updater you made for quite a while now. as far as i am aware, it has worked well. i managed to find and download the version (i hope) and used the .bat file you made to update the virus definitions. i hope this has worked, but have not tried it yet. i also saw today that the latest version of the Kav Rescue disk is i have used this with the updater you did for the version above nut again i dont know if it has worked correctly or not.
    my question is does your .bat file work with newer versions of the rescue disk or not? are you going to continue the project or have you given it up now? be a shame if you have as the produced disk is extremely helpful!

  • hi, your routine update 10 kaspersky rescue began to fail in the last month, have any idea what the kaspersky changed, grateful

  • I have tried to download the rescue disk 4 times.It never will complete always crashes at about 50% with a network error. Is there a different place to download it?

  • Even after the latest definitions have been updated to the rescue.iso and rescueusb.iso, the date of the database shows database status as “obsolete” and the database release date as the date of the original ISO download from Kaspersky website. I had downloaded the ISO on 03/31/13 and that is the date it shows in the “My Update Center” even though I just updated to the latest definitions using you updater.

  • To Nash: Today I tested the updater on both and newer (I downloaded it today from and I want to say that the updater is working fine with both KRD versions.

    To vividtech: try to download KRD from the link I mentioned above.

  • You, sir, are a godsend and a savior. Thank you so much for this tool, it’s absolutely brilliant.

  • where I can fined file liveusb

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