Customize Burg Boot Loader with Burg Manager

Burg Manager is a nice GUI tool to install,manage and customize the Burg Bootloader.This tool was developed by IngAlex,Canopus0003 and Tux10.


  • Install and Uninstall Burg BootLoader(Restore Grub2 Menu)
  • Restore Burg MBR after Kernel Update
  • Modify Burg Parameters(Basic and Advanced parameters)
  • Themes Installer
  • Boot ISO

The themes installer lists a variety of themes that are not available with the default BURG install.The Magic and Golden Sea themes are really good.

Another very interesting feature is iso booting through iso emulation.Using this feature you can boot directly boot iso images from hard disk without burning them to CDs.Iso emulation is a well known feature of Grub4Dos.Currently Burg Manager supports iso booting of Linux Mint,Ubuntu and a few other linux distros.Hopefully some more distros will be added in the next release.


Currently Burg Manager is packaged in .deb format.So it can be installed in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Variants like Linux Mint.

  1. Download Buc and Burg Manager deb packages from
  2. Select i386 for architecture.Select amd64 only if you have 64 bit Operating System
  3. Execute the downloaded deb packages.Install Buc before installing Burg Manager.

After installation Burg-Manager can be accessed from System Tools – Burg Manager
Here you can manage your Burg Bootloader.I used Burg Manager only to install new themes as I had already installed Burg.
The GUI of Burg Manager has a few glitches on Netbooks. I had problems maximizing the window of Burg-Manager in my netbook.

You can read complete a Tutorial on configuring Burg for Linux Mint



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