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Filter Drivers – Removable Media as Fixed Disk in Windows

A USB Flash Drive can be disguised as a USB Hard Disk using Filter drivers. This way a USB Flash Drive can be partitioned using the inbuilt Disk Management Tool(diskmgmt.msc) and all the partitions of the USB Flash Drive can be accessed simultaneously in Windows Explorer.


Httpdisk – Mount ISO files without downloading the ISO file

Visual Studio 2010 mounted as Virtual CD Drive with httpdisk

Sometimes you may require only some particular files inside an ISO. So downloading an entire ISO just for a few files is a big waste of bandwidth .Sometimes you may also want to know the contents of an ISO before downloading it.In such circumstances Httpdisk is very useful. Httpdisk mounts an ISO file stored somewhere in the internet to a virtual CD Drive in your computer without downloading the entire ISO file. You can then view and copy the contents of the ISO in your computer.


How to Partition a USB Flash Drive

Partitions in DIsk Management

A USB Flash Drive can be easily partitioned into a maximum of 4 partitions.All the partitions can also be accessed in Windows easily.This is possible using a tool called Bootice.


Create a Hidden Partition on USB Flash Drive

There are many ways and tools to hide or protect important data on a USB Flash Drive.However a simple format of the USB Flash Drive can erase the important data.
Using Fbinst, a hidden partition can be created to store important data.This hidden partition stays even after formatting the USB Flash Drive.


Beginners Guide to Creating Custom Windows PE

A guide for beginners to create a customized version Windows PE using MakePE3 without Windows Automated Installation Kit and the Windows Install DVD.All you need is a genuine copy of Windows 7 installed on your computer.