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Receive and send mail via SMS with Hotmail

Hotmail is offering free mail alerts via SMS.The best thing about this is that it works on any phone which supports SMS.You need not have a GPRS connection or a JAVA enabled phone.This is one important feature lacking in gmail.


Send Email to Airtel Karnataka numbers as SMS!

In my previous post,I have mentioned that I received notifications on my Airtel Number as SMS.These messages came from the number 600.I was wondering how the service works and this is what I found out.


Two Amazing email services.

The two new Email Services I found are In.Com In.Com This is a really good portal for Indian Users.It has almost everything you would ever want. Music,Videos,Movies,Games,News and Email. So far this is one of the best Indian Portals I have ever seen.When compared to ,both seem to be neck to neck feature wise.The best thing about this service is that you get a very short email id [email protected] only feature lacking is […]