Send Email to Airtel Karnataka numbers as SMS!

In my previous post,I have mentioned that I received notifications on my Airtel Number as SMS.These messages came from the number 600.I was wondering how the service works and this is what I found out.

To send a SMS to an Airtel Karnataka number from your email,you just have to mail the message to the email id [email protected].Where xxxxxxxxxx is your ten digit number.
You have to send the message in plain text.You also cannot send very long messages.
You also cannot reply back to the email from your phone.

At Howsthe.com I gave my mobile number by prefixing 91.This is the ISD code for India.



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  • Your idea is great. Thanks for sharing information.

  • Doesnt work anymore

  • very very old info. not working since at least one year.

  • It does not work anymore. Dumb Airtel customer care does not have any info on this.

  • Any service provider in India supports email to SMS

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