Free License of DiskGenius – Partition Recovery Software

Diskgenius is an advanced disk recovery tool that can restore deleted partition, rebuild mbr, rebuild partition table, recover files and restore formatted partition etc. It also can backup files by partition or disk clone, and it also enables you to backup partition table for unexpected incident.

As a one tool but fixes various disk problems including file missing, partition lost, bad MBR, partition table errors.It also enables you to ensure your disk safety by creating an image file of your partition and its files as a backup


  • Support for Windows & Dos
  • Recover files
  • Rebuild MBR | Rebuild Partition Table
  • Check Partition Errors
  • Recover delete partitions
  • Disk Management
  • Backup Partition Table
  • Check and fix bad tracks and sectors
  • Clone partition to an image file

For the full list of features visit http://www.diskgenius.net/features.html

Diskgenius.net offers free license code until July 31. You can get a free full version license.

Here are the steps to get a free license key

Downloald Diskgenius trial at http://www.diskgenius.net/download.html

Register it with free code: 62L79-KE62J-BMPFF-5C7C4-NH8ME

Note:The free code works until Dec. 30, 2010



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  • If one uses the code you provided now (August 2010) does it expire in December and then want money, or can it only be installed until December but continues to work normally after that time ?

    Thanks for the great info, always !


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