Splitting Avi files in Ubuntu

I have a Digital Photo Frame which can play divx and xvid movies.
The only problem with the device was that it could not handle very large avi files.It plays avi files of size 150Mb with ease.

I had ripped a DVD into a 1.4GB Xvid encoded avi file.To split this file into 150mb chunks I found a tool called Avisplit.

To use this tool you must install the transcode package.Run this code terminal to install transcode.

<strong>sudo apt-get install transcode</strong>

To split an avi file run the following command

<strong>avisplit -s 150 -i source.avi -o outputbase</strong>

This code will split the video file source.avi to 150mb chunks.The output avi files will be named as outputbase-0000,outputbase-0001 etc.

The only problem I found with this tools was that the audio chunks were missing at the beginning of the output avi files.

More details here.




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