Recovery Environment in an unattended Windows DVD

When you boot a normal Windows Vista/7 DVD,you are presented with two options , Install and Repair.The repair option loads the Windows Recovery Environment .Windows RE is new for Windows Vista/7 and completely replaces the recovery console in Windows XP. In this environment you can repair a computer running Windows Vista/7.This recovery environment has very useful tools like System Restore and Startup Repair.

Unfortunately when you boot an unattended Windows DVD(which contains autounattend.xml), you are directly taken to the installation routine.There is no option to launch the recovery environment.So if you want to repair a computer using an unattended Windows DVD,just follow the steps given below.

  1. Boot from unattended Windows DVD
  2. You are directly taken to installation routine(probably the disk management step)
  3. Press Shift+F10 to launch the PE command Prompt
  4. Type cd recovery
  5. Type recenv.exe

Thats it.You now have your recovery environment from where you can repair your computer.



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