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Carry Latest Ubuntu Updates and Apps on your PenDrive

The most annoying thing about Ubuntu is that you have to install a lot of updates and applications after installing Ubuntu.If you are installing Ubuntu on many computers,then you can avoid downloading the updates on each and every computer.All you need is some portable storage medium,preferably a USB Pendrive (atleast 512MB).


Change Windows Password from Ubuntu/Ubuntu Live CD

Most Ubuntu users also have Windows installed on their computer.In such cases you can Reset or Change the passwords of Windows User Accounts from Ubuntu/Ubuntu Live CD using the chntpw tool. You need to enable Read/Write Access to NTFS partition on which Windows is installed, to use the chntpw tool. Enabling Read/Write Access Install NTFS GUI Configuration Tool by running this code in the terminal


Join or merge many avi files with AviMerge in Ubuntu

If you have a movie which is in many parts,you can join them to make one file using the avimerge command in Ubuntu. You need to install the transcode package to use the avimerge tool to Install Transcode <strong>sudo apt-get install transcode </strong> at Terminal To merge avi files use the avimerge command. <strong>avimerge -i part1.avi part2.avi -o mergedavifile.avi</strong> The above command merges part1.avi and part2.avi into a single file called mergedavifile.avi The following video […]


Splitting Avi files in Ubuntu

I have a Digital Photo Frame which can play divx and xvid movies. The only problem with the device was that it could not handle very large avi files.It plays avi files of size 150Mb with ease. I had ripped a DVD into a 1.4GB Xvid encoded avi file.To split this file into 150mb chunks I found a tool called Avisplit. To use this tool you must install the transcode package.Run this code terminal to […]


Download High Quality Veoh Videos without Veoh TV

UPDATE:The procedure outlined here no longer works.I have posted a working solution to download Veoh Videos without Veoh WEb Player here This guide mainly applies to Ubuntu users who do not want to follow the Ubuntu Forums guide, which uses wine to install Veoh TV. You need to download the latest version of VEOH Proxy from You need to download the src files and not the executable file.The current version of Veoh proxy […]