Resize Lenovo One key Recovery Partition with NOVO button

Most Lenovo Laptops have a NOVO button which can be used to boot into Lenovo’s Recovery systems called Lenovo One Key Recovery. This feature is very useful as you can restore your computer to its factory or backed up state in case of any virus attacks or problems.

Unfortunately when you resize this recovery partition or recreate it again, the NOVO button stops working and you cannot boot into the One Key Recovery System.

However there is a way to get the NOVO button working again after resizing/recreating the recovery partition.


I have a Lenovo S10-2 Ideapad which has the One Key Recovery and NOVO button feature. By default the recovery partition was about 14GB and had a lot of free space. These are the steps that I followed to resize the partition and get the NOVO button working again.

  1. Defragment and resize the recovery partition using a partition recovery tool.In my case I used Partition Wizard bootable edition to resize the partition. The NOVO key and the One Key Recovery stop working.ORK Partition
  2. Download Bootice or Use Partition Wizard to verify the following
    • The recovery partition is the 3rd Primary Partition
    • The ID of the partition is 12 and is hiddenORK Partition Config
  3. Download and extract
  4. Run FIXASD.CMD as Administrator and shutdown. Your NOVO button should now start working.
  5. In case it does not work, then create bootable Windows PE and run FIXASD.CMD from the PE environment.




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