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Remove Secure Drive CDFS Partition from Transcend JetFlash USB Drive

Transcend JetFlash JF620 USB Flash Drives have a 11mb CDFS partition containing SecureDrive and other files.Many people do not want this CDFS partition.Officially this CDFS partition cannot be removed or modified.However there is a way to remove or modify this CDFS partition.


Analysis of a Fake 80GB USB Drive

Recently my friend’s room mate got hold of a “Transcend 80GB USB Drive” .He instantly knew it was fake because nobody manufactures 80GB USB Drives.The capacity of any USB Drive is only in powers of two.This fake USB Drive looks exactly like a Transcend USB Drive except for the 80GB Capacity.If the manufacturer of this pendrive had some brains,he would have sold this fake USB Drive as a 8 or 16GB USB Drive instead of 80GB.