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Optimize Images for the web with RIOT

Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) is an amazing tool which can optimize and compress images without any noticeable loss in quality.This tool is extremely useful for Webmasters as it helps in faster loading of pages and in reducing bandwidth usage.

2009 – Free Website Monitoring Service

I found a new free website monitoring service.(via Twitter ) Website (HTTP) Monitoring will monitor your websites or web services using the HTTP protocol. If there are any issues reaching your website or if we receive a HTTP status code other than one in the range of 200-300 (status codes), will notify you by email and/or SMS. We can also search your page content for keywords and notify you if they’re not […]


4 WordPress Plugins to optimize CSS and Javascript

Optimzing CSS and Javascript speeds up your site and also helps in reducing bandwith usage. I found 4 plugins which helps you in optimizing CSS and Javascript files of your wordpress site. Wp-Minifier This plugin integrates the Minify engine into your WordPress blog. Once enabled, this plugin will combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time. Minify is a PHP5 app that can combine multiple CSS or Javascript files, compress their […]


iLikeToBlog – WordPress Plugin for getting quality reciprocal Links

iLikeToBlog is a free wordpress plugin and link exchange service that helps you to easily build up quality organic backlinks on your blog.Dave of started this service. A struggle for many new bloggers is building up partnerships with other bloggers and getting quality backlinks for their blog. iLikeToBlog (ILTB) helps bloggers overcome these difficulties by providing them with a fast and easy to use interface for finding new bloggers to easily exchange links with. […]


Free Site Monitoring from Comodo

Comodo SiteMon Comodo Sitemon is a free website uptime, continuity and availability monitor and checker that automatically checks your website is up and running and viewable by your customers every ten minutes, 24/7. SiteMon also monitors user-selected keywords and the title to ensure your web page has loaded correctly and content has not been modified. Any problem will be alerted via email. This is a must have for all webmasters.