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Change Windows Password from Ubuntu/Ubuntu Live CD

Most Ubuntu users also have Windows installed on their computer.In such cases you can Reset or Change the passwords of Windows User Accounts from Ubuntu/Ubuntu Live CD using the chntpw tool. You need to enable Read/Write Access to NTFS partition on which Windows is installed, to use the chntpw tool. Enabling Read/Write Access Install NTFS GUI Configuration Tool by running this code in the terminal


Hidden user account in Huawei ADSL routers!

Most BSNL Broadband users use Huawei ADSL routers. It is also a well known fact that the default username and password of the router is admin and admin. This password can be changed through the web interface. But I discovered a hidden user account with full priveleges which can be used to access the router even after changing the default password.


Recovering BSNL DATAONE Password from Modem or Router

Aim:- To find out the password stored in the ADSL Modem(HUAWEI) in case you have forgotten it. Pre requisites FireFox browser :- A BroadBand Connection which uses a ADSL Modem(HUAWEI) to connect to the internet.IP Address of your modem.IN MOST CASES IT is If that does not work, connect to the internet and go to and find your ip address(which will work only when connected to internet as it is a temporary […]