Refresh Explorer – A New Method

I read a post in some forum where a member said that some registry changes take effect by just killing and starting the process explorer.exe .The tip is useful.According to that post one has to Open Task Manager kill explorer.exe and start the shell by typing explorer in File-Run(in the taskbar).

I found a single line command which can kill and start explorer.exe

tskill explorer

Press Win Key and R or go to Start-Run type the above command.Voila,your desktop,icons,taskbar vanishes(the shell vanishes). Wait for a few seconds and everything is back!Amazing isn’t it?

You can also create a shortcut on your desktop to restart explorer.Right click on any empty space on your desktop and got New-Create Shorcut.
Enter tskill explorer in the Program to Run field.
You can also assign a shortcut key in the same windows.Say Ctrl+Shift+R or something like that.So whenever you wanted to restart explorer or Refresh Explorer the new way,just press Ctrl+Shift+R.



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