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Integrate Drivers into Windows XP installation Disc

You can integrate Drivers directly into your Windows XP installation disc using DriverPacks so that all the required Drivers are installed automatically whenever you install Windows XP.You can also integrate all the SATA/MassStorage Drivers.So all AHCI or SATA Hard Disks are detected automatically and you do not have to press F6 and load your SATA Drivers from a floppy during installation.


SlipStreaming Windows Media Player 11 to XP Installation Source

Windows Media Player 11 is the latest Media Player released by Microsoft.It is not included by default in the XP Installation Disk.Windows XP users will have to manually download and install it. You can avoid doing this by integrating Windows Media Player 11 into your XP Installation Source by using a tool called Windows Media Player 11 Slipstreamer.