SlipStreaming Windows Media Player 11 to XP Installation Source

Windows Media Player 11 is the latest Media Player released by Microsoft.It is not included by default in the XP Installation Disk.Windows XP users will have to manually download and install it.

You can avoid doing this by integrating Windows Media Player 11 into your XP Installation Source by using a tool called Windows Media Player 11 Slipstreamer.

Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11 Slipstreamer.

This program allows you to completely slipstream Windows Media Player 11 into your Windows installation source, saving time and annoying “genuine windows” checks and allowing you to experience the best version of Media Player to date immediately after installing your copy of Windows!

This is achieved by directly editing windows setup files thus achieving a “true” integration (not a switchless installer of any kind) thus saving precious space on your Windows installation media to allow you to customize it even more!


Slipstreamer features:

1. Complete WMP11 integration into Windows installation source from the standard Microsoft installer.
2. Complete integration of WMP11 hotfixes
3. Different configurations for integration
4. Custom icons for wmplayer.exe

The slipstreamer currently supports the following configurations:

* Vanilla: Same as the normal installation of WMP11 on a running instance of Windows (WGA enabled on update check, WMP11 startup wizard will appear on 1st run).
* Tweaked: Custom configuration (no WGA but update disabled, no WMP11 startup wizard, some tweaks)

In both configurations, users can choose a custom icon for wmplayer.exe:

* Boooggy’s WMP11 icon
* Vista’s WMP11 icon
* Any arbitrary .ico file (PNG icons supported)

WMP11 Slipstreamer

WMP11 Slipstreamer

Download WMP11 Slipstreamer,Windows Media Player 11 installer and all the hotfixes from the author’s site http://www.boooggy.org/slipstreamer/

Note:You should have Genuine Copy of Windows to download Windows Media Player 11 installer

Copy your XP Installation files into a folder (In this screenshot it is E:\xpsrc2).

Optional :Update your XP Source as mentioned in Creating an Updated Windows XP Installation Disk

Install WMP 11 Slipstreamer and run it.

Choose Tweaked(with registry tweaks and no WGA) in the output type

Enter the path of your XP installation Source.(In this screenshot it is E:\xpsrc2).

Enter the path of the Windows Media Player Installation file.(In this screenshot it is E:\Apps\WMP11\wmp11-windowsxp-x86.exe).

Download all the hotfixes as mentioned in http://www.boooggy.org/slipstreamer/ to a single folder.Click on the “…” button to select the hotfixes.Press and hold Ctrl on your Keyboard and select all the Hotfixes.If you do not hold ctrl ,you will not be able to select multiple hotfixes.The selected hotfixes will be seperated by ‘|’ in the main window.

Tick Use a custom icon for wmplayer.exe if you want to use a custom icon.Untick it to use the default icon.

Tick Do not add security catalogs ONLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO DISABLE SFC LATER IN NLITE.

If you did not understand the above instruction then Untick the Do not add security catalogs option.

Click on Integrate to begin the process of SlipStreaming Windows Media Player 11.

Now you have an XP Installation Source with the latest Windows Media Player with all the updates.


Now you can either create an iso and burn it by using Ryan VM Integrator (Click On Make ISO Tab), or you can further customize it by using nLite and other tools.

You can test your Windows Media Player 11 integrated XP installation  on a virtual machine before burning the ISO to a CD.
Read this to find out how to test your Updated XP Installation Disk in a VMWare Virtual Machine for free.



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