Creating an Updated Windows XP Installation Disk

Aim:To create a XP Installation CD with all the latest updates from Microsoft.

What you need:XP Installation CD,Ryan VM Integrator,Ryan’s Update Pack and Service Packs(If your XP CD has not been slipstreamed).

Step 1:Slipstream Service Pack 2 and 3 to the installation files.

Skip this step if you have already have slipstreamed the service packs.

Copy the contents of the XP Installation Disk to some folder say xpsrc2 on your hard disk.In the screenshots ,you can observer that this folder is in E: drive.
Download the service packs from here SP2 ,SP3.
Download RyanVM Integrator and extract it.Run RyanVM Integrator.
Go to File-Slipstream ServicePack
Click on Yes in the “SlipStream ServicePack” windows.
Service Pack SlipStream
Order of slip streaming the service packs.
First Service Pack 2 and then Service Pack 3.If your installation disk already has Service Pack 2,then you can directly slipstream Service Pack3.
Now you have a XP Source which has been updated to the latest Service Pack.


Step2:Slipstream Post Service Pack Updates.

In this step we are going to slipstream the updates and hotfixes released after service pack 3 was released.

Download Ryan’s Post Sp3 Update Pack.

Start RyanVM Integrator.Choose the XP Source folder.In this case it is E:\xpsrc2
Choose the update pack that you just downloaded.
Post SP3 Updates

Click on Integrate.Once the integration process is complete you can make an ISO of the XP source and burn it to a CD, or you can customize the XP source further using Addons ,nLite and Driverpacks etc.

Notes:Instead of using Ryan’s Update Pack ,you can also use Onepiece or Xable’s update pack.These packs contain additional stuff like Windows Media Player 11,IE8,DirectX etc.I have not tested these update packs.You can try these packs at your own risk.

Testing the Updated XP Install ISO

Once the ISO of your XP source has been created,you can test it on a virtual machine before burning the ISO to a CD.
Read this to find out how to test your Updated XP Installation Disk in a VMWare Virtual Machine for free.




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