Repair Corrupt Word Documents

Today my friend called me and told me that a particular word document was not opening on his computer.According to him ,his mother was working on the document and when she saved it ,the computer hung.That particular document could not be opened after restarting the computer.

So I concluded that the meta data of the file was not saved correctly and hence word was not opening it.
Also the problem with my friends computer was that he was using windows 98 and Office 2000

Repair My Word is a data recovery program for Microsoft Word documents. It is designed to recover text from damaged or corrupt Word files (.doc files) that will not open normally. The recovered text can then be saved as an error free Microsoft Word document.

This software is freeware and works fine in all versions of windows and all versions of office.
It helped my friend to recover his mother’s word document.
This tool is must for all Word users.

RepairMyExcel is another tool from the same company.It repairs excel spreadsheets.



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  • I’ve had the same problem, but I’ve used this software I did not know about this software, so thanks for the information.

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