Two Amazing email services.

The two new Email Services I found are


This is a really good portal for Indian Users.It has almost everything you would ever want.

Music,Videos,Movies,Games,News and Email.

So far this is one of the best Indian Portals I have ever seen.When compared to ,both seem to be neck to neck feature wise.The best thing about this service is that you get a very short email id [email protected] only feature lacking is a chat client like MSN Messenger.Otherwise it has all info an average Indian would ever want…………

what is is your gateway to the web. Find the best of News, Music, Videos and Games, from more than 16,000 websites, and search for the best prices on Flights, Hotels and Products. Enjoy the web’s shortest mail address


This is one of the best email services I have ever seen.You can get all your mail from yahoo,gmail and other POP and IMAP services to your inbox.


  • Zenbe offers free email accounts with 4 GB of online storage.
  • You can organize messages and attachments using free-form tags and stars, and use powerful search.
  • Filters assign tags or stars and archive, delete or forward messages automatically.
  • Zenbe can fetch messages from existing POP accounts and lets you send from your any email address, too.
  • A potent spam filter moves junk mail out of the inbox.
  • Calendar, to-do list and address book are integrated into Zenbe and can be viewed right alongside email.
  • ZenPages let you share emails, files, tasks, schedules, links and more.
  • A sidebar puts Google Talk, facebook and twitter right alongside your email.
  • Files can be uploaded and stored.

My verdict

Zenbe easily beats,Live Mail,Gmail and Yahoo Mail feature wise.If you want to really good email service which can help in managing your tasks and projects,then zenbe is the best choice.

If you are more interested in music,videos,movies,sports then is the best choice.Feature wise is way behind Zenbe.But the point is that an average Indian will not require all the features being offered by



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