Back up WordPress to Dropbox, Sugarsync, Azure, S3 and more

Recently my server provider(sorry I can’t name him) became bankrupt and terminated my server and AgniPulse.Com was down for more than 6 hours.Many websites using this sever provider also went down.Most people were very careless and had not taken regular backups of their sites.The server provider assured that the server will brought online for some time so that everybody could take backups of their sites.Unfortunately the server never came online and most people never had a chance to take backups.

Fortunately, I had taken taken backups of my wordpress install using WpTimeMachine.WpTimeMachine is a simple wordpress plugins that backs up your wordpress install and stores it in your DropBox account or your FTP server.

I downloaded the latest backup (generated by WpTimeMachine) from Dropbox.I extracted the compressed archive.To my horror,the wp content folder did not contain all the files.The theme and plugin files which I had customized were all missing.Fortunately the database file was intact.I started downloading all the previous backup files.It was the same story.Only the Database Backup was valid.The file backup was corrupted.

At last I found a backup which a valid file backup.I used this file backup and the latest Database backup and recreated my wordpress install on my new server.After a few tweaks my site was normal.Only a few comments posted after the last database backup were missing.

One lesson that I learnt from this experience – Take a backup and VERIFY the Backup.
I never verified my backups,due to which I landed in trouble when my server went down.

Now I started looking for a good WordPress Backup Plugin as I was not satisfied with wpTimeMachine.

I found BackWPup.This is a terrific plugin with some impressive features.


  • Database Backup
  • WordPress XML Export
  • Optimize Database
  • Check\Repair Database
  • File Backup
  • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 format
  • Store backup to Folder
  • Store backup to FTP Server
  • Store backup to Amazon S3
  • Store backup to Google Storage
  • Store backup to Microsoft Azure (Blob)
  • Store backup to RackSpaceCloud
  • Store backup to DropBox
  • Store backup to SugarSync
  • Send Log/Backup by Email

BackWPup Options

I installed this plugin and configured it to store the backups in DropBox,SugarSync and Google Storage.I had no problems using this plugin and all the backups were being stored in my free cloud hosting accounts.



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